Theaterbesuch der 11. Klassen

The play "1984" as it was staged on the 20th November in the "Amerika Haus" in Munich consisted of a cast of 5 people switching into different characters wich made it easier to get used to new characters. They depicted it kind of exaggerated and overplayed which led the audience's  attention to the main message they wanted to bring across. Due to the content of the book being compressed and leaving out a lot of complex background information it was easy to follow and understand the story. The simple language and sentence structure which stands in contrast to the complex language in the book contributes to the understandability. The minimalistic setting directed the focus on the acting while it was still possible to notice the change of szenery. Throughout the play the case of a totalitarian system is displayed and wants to spread awareness about the importance of the freedom of individuals in times of totalitarian systems existing all over the world.