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In Israel are about 150 000 Ethiopian origin citizens who first arrived in the 1980s in a significant number. It has been difficult for the Ethiopian Jews to integrate because of the community’s disproportionately high rates of unemployment and poverty as well as discrimination and prejudice, although things have started to get better in recent years.

However last Monday, students and teachers from a religious high school in Netivot, southern Israel, set off on a three-day excursion.

Girls who were sitting behind one of the teachers saw her messaging in a group chat called “Black School Trip” which contained insulting remarks against the Ethiopian Israeli students. One of the girls filmed the chat over the teacher's shoulder without her noticing and shared it on social media.

She wrote:

"Good morning to all the 'educators' of this school, it saddens me as a member of the [Ethiopian] community to see the level you sank to today. Instead of being our teachers and setting an example and making us feel like we're in our safest place, you did the exact opposite.

"Opening a group called 'Black School Trip' without even realising that there were students behind you and mocking your students? I see the photos, and I just don't believe that they come from our teachers.

"You are a disgrace, I'm ashamed that you're our teachers and that you're teaching the future generation."

Although the involved teachers have apologised, they were suspended and the incident is being investigated.

The school's principal made a statement, speaking of his "shock and devastation” to miserable and extremely offensive comments from teachers about Ethiopian students who study in the school and said:

"The school management looks at these comments severely. There is no place for racist comments, and we won't allow them in our school."

Israels education minister has apologised to Ethiopian Israeli schoolgirls and said, I quote: "The incident will be dealt with severely with all the tools at our disposal,"

"I'm sorry for the distress that was caused for the students. There will be zero tolerance for these sorts of incidents on my watch."

- Mirela Karačic



In recent weeks, the question has often been raised as to whether Russia will extend the grain deal with Ukraine and since March 13 there has been an answer to the question.

In , the grain deal is the initiative for the save transport of grain and food from Ukrainian ports. It is an agreement between Russia and Ukraine with Turkey and the United Nations, which was made in July 2022 during the attacks.

The deal has a huge importance because it has offered people in low-income countries the opportunity to get even cheaper grain and without it people will die of hunger due to extreme rising food prices and there will be a humanitarian disaster as since the 2nd world war no longer. Unfortunately there are 20 countries in humanitarian emergency situations due to an inflation at food prices of almost 40 percent. Without the deal there are also no more trades for Ukraine what causes an financial ruin.

But now the result is clear... Russia extends the grain deal by 60 days although a repeated extension of 120 days was agreed with Kyiv. In addition, Moscow added that any further extensions would depend on whether restrictions on Russian agricultural exports are eased since Ukrainian transports took place smoothly in the past, while Western sanctions would have jeopardized Russian agricultural exports.

- Jennifer Nunez



For a few months, turmoil has been brewing within the State of Israel.

The right-wing religious government aims to curb the judiciary branch of state by use of a judiciary reform. But while Benjamin Netanyahu, the nation's prime minister and previous leader of the opposition, attempts to strong-arm the bill through parliament, hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets in most of Israel's major cities. They are supported by the German president Steinmeier, the ever more oppressed media and Israeli president Isaac Herzog, who asserts that this reform is not only unconsitutional and repressive but also could undermine the nation's democracy. 

Furthermore, the high-tech sector which employs a tenth of the Israeli population and accounts for 15% of the national GDP has voccaly expressed its intention to move funding outside the nation if the bill passes. A few companies, like Papaya Global, have already done so since the inauguration of the right-wing government in December of last year. Parts of the ruling coalition wish to annex the occupied West Bank, limit the freedom of speech and effectively give judicial power into the hands of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. As the core principles of the bill are nearing their final reading in parliament, it's certain the protests and strikes will not stop until this grab for power is ended.

Situations akin to this have happened before in Poland and a few other nations. Still the Israeli's fight for democracy should not be disregarded.

- n.a.



For several years there has been strong criticism of peruvian politics, but last Sunday the situation escalated. The former peruvian President Pedro Castillo has been arrested and removed from office by the Congress for “moral incompetence”. Besides being suspected of a planned coup against the congress, he is charged with rebellion and conspiracy. Shortly after, Dina Boluarte has been installed to replace Castillo as President. However, the majority of the people of Peru do not approve of the measures taken by Congress, nor do they accept Boluarte as their new President. Therefore violence has spread over the country. Thousands of protesters took to the streets, in anger over Castillo’s impeachment and that their election is not respected by congress. At least 20 people were killed during the protest and many more injured. Boluarte tried to deescalate the situation by suggesting to bring presidential and parliamentary elections forward to December 2023, when originally the they were scheduled to take place in 2026. So far, this announcement has not helped to reduce the violence.
Meanwhile the deadly protest have paralyzed travel, making it impossible for tourists from all over the world to leave Peru. The protesters used burning tires, wood and rocks to block Airports and railway tracks.

- Louisa Marschalkowski



On the 14th of October in 2022, there happened a mining accident in a coal mine at Amasra, a turkish city at the Black Sea coast. In the early afternoon, there was a huge methane explosion 350 metres underground. This accident caused many victims, 41 of them were dead, 11 were seriously injured. But 50 of the workers that worked down there were able to save themselves or got saved by the emergency services. The exit point of the methane and the cause of the inflamation are still unknown. There were a lot of other mine accidents before that in Turkey, the last big one was in 2014 with over 300 dead workers. Unionists all over Turkey are criticising the missing protective measures in the turkish coal mines.

– Emanuel Meßner



On the 6th of October there was an attack on a kindergarden in the region Nong Bua Lamphu in the North of the country of Thailand.

It was arround noon, when a man with a knife and guns came into the building and startet shooting around. First he killed 5 public officials, among them was a woman who has been 8 months pregnant at this time. After that, the man got his way into a locked room where he killed sleeping children with a knife.

During his escape he shot out of the window of his car and hurt and killed further people. The police says that after his attack, the man killed also his son and wife an then shot himself right after that.

Altogether, 12 people were hurt, some of them seriously. The man killed 36 people that day, among them were 24 children.
The cupprit was supposed to be a 34-year-old former police officer who lost his job due to drug-related offences. There were speculations about as to wether he was on drugs at that time he had attacked. Maybe the reason for this terrible thing has been his rage about his discharge but nobody knows the truth about what was going on in the man's head.

The whole country is shocked because normally there are hardly any incidents involving guns in their country.

– Mia Fischer