News of the Week

News of the Week ist ein Projekt aus Herrn Frietschs Englisch-Unterricht: Hierbei stellt eine Person ein aktuelles Thema der letzten Woche in einem Kurzreferat vor. Die aktuellen Beiträge werden hier veröffentlicht:


On the 14th of October in 2022, there happened a mining accident in a coal mine at Amasra, a turkish city at the Black Sea coast. In the early afternoon, there was a huge methane explosion 350 metres underground. This accident caused many victims, 41 of them were dead, 11 were seriously injured. But 50 of the workers that worked down there were able to save themselves or got saved by the emergency services. The exit point of the methane and the cause of the inflamation are still unknown. There were a lot of other mine accidents before that in Turkey, the last big one was in 2014 with over 300 dead workers. Unionists all over Turkey are criticising the missing protective measures in the turkish coal mines.

– Emanuel Meßner


On the 6th of October there was an attack on a kindergarden in the region Nong Bua Lamphu in the North of the country of Thailand.

It was arround noon, when a man with a knife and guns came into the building and startet shooting around. First he killed 5 public officials, among them was a woman who has been 8 months pregnant at this time. After that, the man got his way into a locked room where he killed sleeping children with a knife.

During his escape he shot out of the window of his car and hurt and killed further people. The police says that after his attack, the man killed also his son and wife an then shot himself right after that.

Altogether, 12 people were hurt, some of them seriously. The man killed 36 people that day, among them were 24 children.
The cupprit was supposed to be a 34-year-old former police officer who lost his job due to drug-related offences. There were speculations about as to wether he was on drugs at that time he had attacked. Maybe the reason for this terrible thing has been his rage about his discharge but nobody knows the truth about what was going on in the man's head.

The whole country is shocked because normally there are hardly any incidents involving guns in their country.

– Mia Fischer